Saturday, November 5, 2011

Beautiful Day in PA

Attention Hannah Pepper Sampler Lovers!!!

I know that there are many sampler lovers out there, and
I have something to offer that I think someone might be looking for.
Below are two Fine Lines magazines that I found.   I was looking
for the four FL that contained the Hannah Pepper reproduction sampler chart.  Well,
I found someone selling all four and also some single issues.
Since I was afraid to lose because they seem to be
a VERY hard to find item, I bid on all of them.  Low and behold,
I won the group of four as well as two single charts.
Of course, I only need the four, so I have two to
offer to anyone who might be looking for them.

Fine Lines Summer 2002 contains part 1 of the chart.  Fine Lines Fall 2002 contains part 2.  I just love this sampler especially since I have a granddaughter whose name is, you guessed it, Hannah. FYI there are 4 parts to this sampler.

I can't wait to get started, but first I want to look for a linen that lookes more like
the original.  Anyway, if anyone is interested, please email me at  They are 5.00 each, which is what I paid, plus 3.00 for media mail shipping.  Also, I found these on an Ebay site that I think is Hartwood Acres.  They had tons of cross stitch and might have the other two parts needed
to complete this amazing reproduction sampler. 

Here is a peak at a new We Three design.  Maybe I'm odd, but when it is a certain
season like autumn, that's what I want to work on.  This seems too spring like to
be hooking right now.  So, I think that is reason enough to start another
hooking project.

That's it, let me know what you think.  I usually second guess all
my designs.  Till next time......

Have a great day and Go Steelers!!!!
Lonna :)