Thursday, April 28, 2011

Good Morning

We were supposed to get some of the bad weather last night, but thank God it missed us.  I just can't believe how many tornadoes touched down yesterday and how many people died.  It must breaks my heart.  It's hard to comprehend losing everything in a matter of minutes.  My prayers go out to them all.  I heard today that May is actually the month for tornadoes especially the third week in May. 

I also wanted to respond to a comment regarding the mat I am currently working on.  It is a We Three design - Lazy Days - which my daughter, Missy designed and hooked.  The one I am hooking is slightly different - the crow has a wing and the flowers have rounded petals.  I plan to offer it on my website as Lazy Days II.  It will be the same price as the Lazy Days that is already on the website.  

My plan is to work on it today and hopefully cut some grass later, but right now I am doing my other job as a medical transcriptionist and get ready for the sleepover.  

I'm posting in royal purple to honor the occasion- ha, ha!  

Everyone be safe, 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Well, did everyone have a good Easter?  I sure hope so.  My family got together at my son's home.  My daughter-in-law's family was also there.  Oh and another visitor was also present and has been every day since then.  RAIN - RAIN and more RAIN.  OMG will it every end?  We had to have the egg hunt in the garage.  How much fun is that? The weather we have been having this April is the worst I can remember......Rain, rain go away....

Here is the progress on my latest project.  It doesn't seem to be much further along than it was.  I better get moving. 

My mind has been wandering off lately to what my next project will be.  I love to plan projects, getting the wools out and playing with them. 

Is everyone ready for The Royal Wedding?  Both of my girls were a lot younger when Diana and Charles were married.  I remember the three of us getting up around 4 a.m. so we wouldn't miss anything.  At that time my mom lived behind me.  So see came down too.  The four of us had so much fun watching all the pageantry.  Soooo.......I am going to Missy's home on Thursday night for a "sleepover."  Lisa has to work and won't be there, but Missy is letting her 14-year-old daughter, Hannah, stay home from school to watch it with us.  It will be fun to have a girls day.

I am going to finish for now and check out some of my favorite blogs.  I do so love to read the blogs and see what the many primitive designers are up to........

Till later...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Website Update

Wahoo!!!  Folky Rabbit is done, and isn't he awesome?  For me, this one will be hard to part with.  I had so much fun hooking him.  He measures 17 x 25 and is for sale on my Etsy....LonnaRae's Hooked Rugs and More.  I also just finished listing the pattern on my website.  I've always had a fondness for you can tell from the website.  Instead of the date box, I was going to put three Easter-type eggs, but that might have made it too seasonal.  I thought the eggs might be fun to hook...oh well, an idea for another day.

I ordered some lucious wools from Heavens to Betsy this morning.  I love that she shows the wool on her website and still sends out samples.  Mine should be here any day now.  I was also looking at her blog and saw a wonderful blackbird mat with an awesome background and a braided border.  I've never tried that....have any of you....I have thought about it but never got around to trying it.  I'm wondering if it is difficult to do.

Well, I guess it is time to get back to work.  I have patterns to draw and wool to dye.

Till next time......


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Where or where is spring?

Hey, how has everyone been?  It has been a while since my last blog.  Sorry about that, just busy with everday life issues.  I'm sure you know how that can be.

Recently I added a new item to my website.  It is a wool appliqued rollup to keep your rug hooking or needlework tools.  My friends, Karen and Sharon (the twins) designed it using my three crows.  It is so cool.  They made me a different one for my birthday.  They have several designs that they will be offering for sale.  Except for machine sewing the back and front together, all the stitching is done by hand.  I think you are going to like them....... The first picture is rolled up, the second is the outside and the last photo is the inside.....Aren't they just too cool?

Is anyone working on something for spring?  I am doing a new version of Lazy Days for some upcoming classes at James Creek Galleries, and I also have several ideas for a new rug running rampant through my already crowded brain.
I am also very anxious to get outside, but we have been having the craziest weather in our area. I have hydrangeas coming in a few weeks, and I am hoping for good weather to get them planted. 
Have a great day everyone!