Monday, October 31, 2011

It's Baaaaccck!

That oh so scarry day is back.

I'm sure some or you remember Trick or Treat
in the fifties and sixties when ToT lasted for 2 hours instead
of only one.  When you could go around your
neighborhood WITHOUT your parents, and when
all you wanted to do when you got home
was eat the candy, not inspect it for possible
needle holes or even worse.

Where or where did those great days go!

Even with the passing of time and all the changes, kids still love it.

Just wishing everyone a safe and happy Halloween.  I would guess that someone out there in blogland has a scarry story to tell.

Leave a comment and share......

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Decisions, decisions, decisions

Where does the time go?  Let me first say that I had a lot of thinking to do
and a hard decision to make.

That decision is to shut down the We Three website.  It is still up and running
and will be til the end of the month.  As you may know my two daughters,
Lisa & Missy, left the business a few
years ago.  Since then I have been running the business
and taking care of the website as well as
working part time and maintaining a home.

As 65 is just around the corner I just wanted to have a more simple life
 I plan keep my blog and my Etsy.  If I do any new designs,
I will probably use this blog to offer them for sale.  Actually, I am
currently working on a new design and will post progress pics.

On one hand I feel sad but on the other hand,
I am looking forward toward what the future may have in store.

I have always loved stitching samplers and am now able to
work on some projects started long ago, and I'm really enjoying that
and finding all the sampler blogs out there.
I have three grandsons and two of them are currently playing football, which I love, and
I so enjoy going to watch them.  It sure has been a fun ride.  Thanks to
all who have supported us over the years.  Feel free to contact me at wethree@zoominternet if you have questions.

Be back soon :)