Friday, July 29, 2011

What's up with Etsy update

Well, my laptop etsy is still in German, but on my desktop computer Etsy is in English.  Anyone have any ideas?  I even restarted my laptop but still German.....perplexing.  Everything else on the laptop is ok.  Strange, unexplained things make me crazy.........

What's up with Etsy?

Hi Everyone, Happy Friday.  I am curious as to why Etsy is German today with euro prices.  It is really strange, and I can't seem to change because EVERYTHING IS IN GERMAN.........  I can get very frustrated when strange things like this happen with no explanation.  I'm going to go cool down and come back later....

Till then,

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lazy Saturday

How's everyone today?  I would imagine that most of  you are feeling the oppressive heat we have been getting.  Today seems slightly cooler, or should I say less hot.  We had some much needed rain last night in the form of thunderstorms, and I think more is to come today.  Reportedly we had a high temp yesterday of 99 degrees, which is the hottest I can remember.  It's almost a little scary.  I worry about the ones who have to work in this heat.  The house is cool, it's Saturday, and I am making spaghetti sauce in the crock pot so the kitchen will stay cooler, washed some clothes.......hmm what do you think I can get into now.......  I could stitch on my sampler, work on a new rug design, hook on my Polly Minick rug, browse some blogs, etc.  So, it seems I have a big decision to make.  I think I will start with some blogs.  Are any of you like me and will get motivated by viewing those wonderful blogs?  So, everyone stay cool and enjoy your weekend.......


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Weekend Road Trip

On Sunday we took a trip to our friend, Carmen's home.  We had a wonderful time while there.  She served us a delightful lunch and then we hooked and talked out on her screened-in porch for quite a while.  I think there was more talking than hooking.....know what I mean?  The day was hot and dry but that didn't spoil it a bit.  Thanks Carmen for a fun time.

Below are a couple of pics of what I have been working on...a Notforgotten Farm pattern and a Cricket Collection sampler that I started.

Nothing much new since I wrote last.  I haven't been feeling well and have no desire to do much of anything.  I hate summer colds.  I hope it ends soon.  We did have some much needed rain but the humidity is back......Ugh :( 

After getting some transcription done, I have been visiting some of my favorite blogs.  The amount of blogs available is somewhat overwhelming, but oh so much fun.  I enjoy seeing what everyone is doing, and that helps me get motivated, which I definitely need right now. 

Well, back to blog heaven........


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I can't believe just how long it has been since I since I wrote.  Let me catch you up.  The Colonial Day festival at James Creek Galleries was a great success.  I did very well and am now planning on next year.  I met so many terrific people while there, and the James Creek gals outdid themselves in providing both breakfast (Amish donuts, fruit and coffee) and for lunch pulled pork sandwiches and meatball sandwiches and assorted other goodies, and to top the day off, the weather was perfect....couldn't ask for better. 

Our neighbor under the tent was Joy Tipping and her wonderful theorems which were framed in lovely frames with graining that she and her husband make.  I am already thinking about which one I want to purchase next year.........

After the show I spent a few days in Ohio with my sister relaxing....much needed.  It was lovely with more beautiful weather. 

Now I'm ready for a new design but find that my mind is blank.  I would love to do a floral, maybe even a geometric.  Sometimes the ideas flow easily and at other times......not so much.

Do any of you get the wool sampler from Rebecca at The Wool Studio?  My friend got hers a couple of days ago and it appears that due to costs of producing wool The Wool Studio's wool now contains a bit of nylon.  I don't know about you, but I like being able to say my rugs are 100% wool.  I guess it gives us something to think about......

I hope you are all enjoying the summer doing lots of fun things.  Fall is my favorite time of year.  This heat wave is not so much fun....  Hope it cools down just a bit.  It seems like it is either feast or famine.

Will write again soon....