Thursday, April 28, 2011

Good Morning

We were supposed to get some of the bad weather last night, but thank God it missed us.  I just can't believe how many tornadoes touched down yesterday and how many people died.  It must breaks my heart.  It's hard to comprehend losing everything in a matter of minutes.  My prayers go out to them all.  I heard today that May is actually the month for tornadoes especially the third week in May. 

I also wanted to respond to a comment regarding the mat I am currently working on.  It is a We Three design - Lazy Days - which my daughter, Missy designed and hooked.  The one I am hooking is slightly different - the crow has a wing and the flowers have rounded petals.  I plan to offer it on my website as Lazy Days II.  It will be the same price as the Lazy Days that is already on the website.  

My plan is to work on it today and hopefully cut some grass later, but right now I am doing my other job as a medical transcriptionist and get ready for the sleepover.  

I'm posting in royal purple to honor the occasion- ha, ha!  

Everyone be safe, 

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