Friday, May 25, 2012

My Dilemma

Okay, this is my dilemma.  My newest rug/mat
would more than likely be used on a wall. 
So I'm wondering if I should
add some tongues across the bottom.  I think
I would like the tongues
but would like some other opinions.  
This was a really quick mat,
and I so enjoyed hooking the background straight
 across.  I temporarily attached one of the
 tongues just to get an idea of what it would
 look like.......  And I like it. 
Let me know what you think..... 
This one is a little brighter.   It will be for sale at We Three's
booth behind the James Creek Gallery store
for the Colonial Festival in Volant, PA next month. 
Volant isn't far from the Ohio border.  So if you are
anywhere in the area stop and check it out. 
Kathy Graybill will be there along with
the Treharn furniture makers and Ginger
Cazan redware just to name a few. 

I belong to a rughooking group and we will be
meeting next Thursday, so I hope to
have some pics of the (are you ready?)
"Girls Gone Wooled" primitive rug hooking group. 

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend everyone. 

Be back soon,



  1. Well this was a tough one,but I looked & looked and my 2 cents is,that It's a very cool rug and I don't think it needs the tongues.

  2. I so appreciate your comment Sherry. I'm sort of 50/50 on the whole thing ..... Hope I get more comments. Sometimes I make quick decisions and sometimes.....not so much.