Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lazy Saturday

How's everyone today?  I would imagine that most of  you are feeling the oppressive heat we have been getting.  Today seems slightly cooler, or should I say less hot.  We had some much needed rain last night in the form of thunderstorms, and I think more is to come today.  Reportedly we had a high temp yesterday of 99 degrees, which is the hottest I can remember.  It's almost a little scary.  I worry about the ones who have to work in this heat.  The house is cool, it's Saturday, and I am making spaghetti sauce in the crock pot so the kitchen will stay cooler, washed some clothes.......hmm what do you think I can get into now.......  I could stitch on my sampler, work on a new rug design, hook on my Polly Minick rug, browse some blogs, etc.  So, it seems I have a big decision to make.  I think I will start with some blogs.  Are any of you like me and will get motivated by viewing those wonderful blogs?  So, everyone stay cool and enjoy your weekend.......



  1. It is a lazy Saturday, isn't it? I'm just scoping out blogs myself...though I have a rug calling me now that it isn't so brutally hot!
    Have a great weekend,

  2. just wondering what you ended up doing on Saturday? I'm out in the yard today sweatin' and really feeling the humidity! Looked at blogs today and I could do that all day.....but I have to at least put in an appearance outside to help hubby.....p.s. save some spaghetti sauce for me! :)