Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Weekend Road Trip

On Sunday we took a trip to our friend, Carmen's home.  We had a wonderful time while there.  She served us a delightful lunch and then we hooked and talked out on her screened-in porch for quite a while.  I think there was more talking than hooking.....know what I mean?  The day was hot and dry but that didn't spoil it a bit.  Thanks Carmen for a fun time.

Below are a couple of pics of what I have been working on...a Notforgotten Farm pattern and a Cricket Collection sampler that I started.

Nothing much new since I wrote last.  I haven't been feeling well and have no desire to do much of anything.  I hate summer colds.  I hope it ends soon.  We did have some much needed rain but the humidity is back......Ugh :( 

After getting some transcription done, I have been visiting some of my favorite blogs.  The amount of blogs available is somewhat overwhelming, but oh so much fun.  I enjoy seeing what everyone is doing, and that helps me get motivated, which I definitely need right now. 

Well, back to blog heaven........



  1. What a beautiful home! Sorry sis you aren't feeling well. Love the sampler....can't wait to see it done. I've been looking at some wonderful blogs today too; of course we won't tell anyone that we sometimes check out blogs together on the phone~~I'm sure no one else does that :)

  2. Love your Santa! I was thinking of starting a Christmas rug after I finish the current rug. Of course, there's always Halloween to be had too! I like the stitchery pattern too.