Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Trip to Volant, PA

A few days ago I was looking outside and enjoying the sight of GRASS.  It might have been a dreary but there it was....GRASS....!!!  A few hours later I looked out and...Wham Bang!  We were getting bombarded with snow.... like 5-6 inches...OMG....not again.  Will it never end?  Today it is sunny out but today is also, what I call, the big "M" day.  You know...that dreaded day once a year when you get to look forward to having the much hated MAMMOGRAM.  This morning I went for routine blood work.  This afternoon is the mammogram and bone density.  I know that these are great diagnostic tools and have helped save many lives, but can't they find a less painful way?  Moving on....

Last Saturday I visited the James Creek Gallery in Volant, PA.  Volant is a sweet little village in Amish country not too far from the Ohio border.  Jan and Claire have a wonderful shop filled with beautiful hand-made colonial early American furniture.  I was there for their Cabin Fever day to demonstrate rug hooking.  There were others offering wool applique and even teaching distressed painting.  We had great fun sitting on the beautiful furniture and chatting with several of the customers.  A few of my rugs are now being offered for sale at the gallery as well.  You can find Jan and Claire at Here are some pictures of their beautiful shop... 


  1. Sounds like a great shop. I just love places like that! Nice to have your rug showcased. Also nice to see grass...however briefly! Is your rug in the picture? Or is it a different one?

  2. What a great shop! I'll have to see if a day trip is possible there ~ depends where near the Ohio border.
    Pug hugs :)

  3. Looks like a wonderful shop to visit! My son goes to college in Beaver Falls and I see it is only about 45 minutes from there! I may need to check it out the next time we go to visit him!